best dog crate for camping

I recently went camping and decided I wanted to get my dog a crate so he could go camping with me. I shopped around online and found a crate. After last weekend, I am so glad I decided to buy that crate!

Why did I want a crate for camping with my dog?

I wanted to get a crate for camping because my dog sleeps in a crate at home. I knew he would feel more comfortable sleeping in a crate when we went camping. At night, I could go to sleep with my dog sleeping quietly in his crate inside my tent. He didn’t whine or complain at all.

Considerations for a camping dog crate

The main thing I was worried about was making sure the crate was easy to pack and light weight. I wanted to be able to add it to my pack gear without a lot of extra weight. The crate I found was collapsable and very light weight. The crate was made of a light weight canvas material. The frame was aluminum poles that fit together to create a crate. Once the crate is assembled, I wrapped the fitted canvas over the frame and zipped it shut. There is a door at one end that zips closed when you put the dog inside. There are air slits along both sides of the crate. It was sturdy. I placed a thick fluffy blanket in the crate, and my dog snuggled down right away to go to sleep. It has a frame in the zip door that allows me to hang a small bowl for water. I only kept him in the crate when it was time to go to bed. In the morning, I was able to collapse the crate just like my tent. It all zipped up nicely into it’s carrying sleeve. I’m sold! I love this camping dog crate! You can purchase your dog crate or check out dog crate reviews here: