It’s not too challenging to take photos. But when you’re working with animals, it can be much harder. But if you want to get some good photos of your dog, you can increase your chances of getting a good photo.

Give your dog a bath

First make sure your dog is clean and shiny. You don’t want to immortalize your favorite furry family member when he is covered in cow poop or grass stains. Make sure to bathe your dog and allow him to dry fully before attempting to take any photos.

Find the best light for your dogs color

If you are going to use a studio, then you just need to get the right lights set up. But if you are going to be taking photos outside, you need to use the sun as your light source. Make sure the sun is behind you when you take the photos. If you take photos facing the sun, your dog and the background will either be washed out or backlit from the sun. The best times of day for photos are early morning and late evening. Photographers call these time periods “golden hour” when the sun is slanting through the atmosphere in a way that creates a golden color over everything.

Pick poses and take the photos

Do you want your dog sitting still or in motion? If you want your dog sitting still, he should probably already known some training commands like sit and stay. Once you have picked where is the best light and the best background, set your dog up exactly how you want him posed. Then step back and take the photos! This is easier if you have someone helping you.

If you want your dog in motion, this is going to be trickier. You need to set the camera to take a lot of photos very quickly. Perhaps you can have someone throw the ball for your dog while you take as many photos as you can. Hopefully one of them will turn out to be just want you were looking to capture. Hazard on the side of taking too many photos, just to be sure.