What to bring with you

When taking your dog on vacation, there are some important things to remember. If you are crossing state lines or going out of the country, your dog will likely require a veterinary certificate saying he is in good health. Your dog is likely to be stressed out during travel, so remember to bring his favorite toys and favorite blankets to help him feel like a part of home is coming with him. Also bring his food. When traveling, digestive upset is common. If you bring his regular food, you may be able to avoid drastic digestive problems. If you are going in a long car ride, bring plenty of water for your dog. He will also need multiple bathroom breaks, so remember to pull over frequently.

Staying in a dog friendly hotel

If you need to spend the night anywhere along the road to your final destination, you will want to make sure the hotel is dog friendly. Many hotels will allow pets for short terms stay, but some do not. Make sure you arrange with a dog friendly hotel prior to your departure. You don’t want to get stuck somewhere without a place to stay. And leaving your dog alone in the car is not an option.

Flying with your dog

Air travel with dogs is challenging. With some airlines, they take your dog at baggage check in and you don’t get to see them or get an update on them until you land. Most airlines are very well prepared for how to care for dogs on their flights. Some dogs can get very nervous, so, again, provide them with toys and security blankets. Hopefully your dog will make the trip well and be able to join you on your fabulous vacation. Air travel is very hard on dogs, so do not decide to take them with you on a whim. On take the dog on a plane if it’s absolutely necessary.