There are several breeds that are used for hunting. These breeds are broken down by their specialities. There are two main groups: hounds and gun dogs.


Scent hounds

Scent hounds use their noses to assist the hunter. Scent hounds are used to trail and occasionally kill the prey the hunter is after. Scent hounds typically operate in packs, like the English Foxhound.

Sight hounds

Sight hounds have great vision and are very fast. These dog breeds keep an eye on the prey, track it visually, and kill it efficiently.

Gun Dogs


As indicated by their names, retrievers retrieve. The hunter, for example, will shoot a bird, and the retriever will run out and fetch the bird, taking care to not damage it while returning it to the hunter.

Setters and Spaniels

Setters and Spaniels both are used to flush prey for the hunter. They find prey, wait for a command, and when the hunter says so, the dogs flush the prey into the air for the hunter to shoot.


Pointers are trained to find prey for the hunter and point at it, as their name implies. When given the right command, they flush the prey out so the hunter can kill it.

Water dogs

Water dogs are considered a sub-class of retrievers. These dogs are at home in the water and are best at retrieving prey in the water.


Terriers are used to mainly hunt mammals. They seek out and find the dens of mammals like rabbits. They go in and kill or drive out the animal. Some terriers are small enough to get into underground burrows, while others are larger and are better equipped to take down large prey such as wild pigs.

Each dog has their specialty. Sometimes hunters will use more than one type of hunting dog. They may use a gun dog to flush the prey out and a terrier to kill it.