The Pomeranian is originally from Germany and Poland. They are descended from the larger “spitz” type dog from Germany. Pomeranians weigh only about four to seven pounds, but they have enough hair to make them seem twice as big. They became wildly popular when Queen Victoria of England acquired Pomeranians. Man believe her dog Marco was the inspiration for the smaller modern Pomeranian. Prior to that Pomeranians were a bit larger weighing more like twenty pounds. Marco was only twelve pounds.


Pomeranians are typically friendly and playful, but they can be dog aggressive because of their “little man” complex. Pomeranians are smart and relatively easy to train. They also enjoy employing their adorableness in getting their owners to do what they want. They can be difficult to house train, so getting them crate trained is probably a good idea. Pomeranians are very susceptible to heat stroke. When it’s warm outside, keep a close eye on your Pomeranian for signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Their coat doesn’t help the situation. Their coat is thick and luxurious with a big poofy tail.Because of their small size, Pomeranians are sometimes perceived as prey to large predators like owls, hawks, or coyotes. If you live near wilderness, don’t let your Pomeranian out unsupervised.

Best lifestyle for this breed

Pomeranians are nice family dogs, but given their teeny size, it’s not advisable to have them around small children who may unintentionally be too rough with them. Pomeranians do well in small living environments like apartments provided they get regular walks for bathroom breaks. As said above, they can be difficult to potty train. Pomeranians are very playful and enjoy bouncing around with their owners. Pomeranians are likely to bark at any noise that they are unsure about. This can potentially be annoying if your neighbors are close by or share walls with you.