What is teething?

Like many mammals, dogs experience teething. Teething is when the dog sheds their baby “milk” teeth and their permanent teeth come in. Teething is a very painful time for a puppy or a person. The baby teeth falling out doesn’t hurt the puppy or cause pain, but the larger permanent teeth coming in to the jaw and erupting through the gums is very painful. The entire mouth is sore with the gums being particular sensitive.

When do dogs teeth?

Dogs teeth when they are puppies. They are typically four to eight months old during the teething process. The dog will shed twenty eight baby teeth and grow in forty two adult teeth.

What’s the best way to help a teething dog?

Your puppy will have a very painful time when he is teething. Do your best to make your puppy as comfortable as possible. To alleviate the pain, a puppy will try to find things to chew on. This why puppies chew on everything! Chewing on soft rubber toys is the best way to alleviate the pain. In addition to helping the puppy feel better, by giving them specific things to chew on, the puppy learns which toys are ok to chew on and which items are not allowed as chew toys. Another way to alleviate teething pain is by giving the puppy ice cubes to chew on. The cold ice helps reduce the pain. You can also give you puppy some aloe vera juice. The aloe vera juice will help soothe the sore gums. Your puppy will probably also enjoy a massage along his jaw and head. Sometimes a tooth gets stuck and impacted. This will require veterinary intervention. It’s best to get this done as quickly as possible to avoid further medical complications.